MTA Framework Overview

MTA: Market, Train, Assist

Help LA's Youth Get Off The Streets!

After countless interviews with homeless youth from throughout Los Angeles County, the number one reason for staying on the streets for months at a time was a lack of knowledge of available homeless youth services.

As a result, Good Seed reached out and coordinated with homeless youth, youth service providers, and government agencies to develop an innovative and ground-up youth focused framework for homeless youth outreach. 


Homeless Transition-Age Youth ages 16 - 25 yrs old


Special project is the outreach and engagement of homeless youth at "hotspot" locations to inform and link to youth focused service providers

The Project began in early 2014, and is currently in progress


This project focuses specifically on policy change, community and stakeholder engagement, and collaboration at "hotspot" locations.


After completing hundreds of intakes of homeless youth at Good Seed Shelter, we began to see trends in the homeless youth experiences. We found that upon further questioning, youth were homeless for longer periods if they did not know about youth providers and they often frequented the same locations.


If you are interested in collaborating or volunteering on this project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.