Case Management Services

All of the youth that come through The Good Seed’s programs either through the emergency shelter, family crisis housing, or transitional housing are given access to case management services to assist them in accomplishing their specific goals and needs. The Good Seed wants these youths to not only survive, but thrive when they transition into new environments. Supportive services by caring staff and peers are the backbone of The Good Seed’s mission and organizational culture.

Current case management practices within The Good Seed’s shelter programs are constantly evolving to fit the needs of the young people we serve. Crisis management is an immediate service that takes place when a new youth enters our shelter doors. Good Seed’s staff members are comprehensively trained in the usage of Psychological First Aid and Trauma-Informed care to support clients that are experiencing distress. The Good Seed also utilizes the practice of motivational interviewing when supporting youth in process determining priorities, and their life goals. Our desire is to engage the intrinsic motivation within each young person to have them begin an internal process of self-reflection and discovery. Good Seed’s staff understand that a human connection in a non-intrusive and compassionate manner is necessary to plant the seeds of trust. And, that before we can water them with supportive services and resources to help them take control of their lives, the soil of their mind and hearts have to be cared to first.