Good Seed Community Development Corporation (“Good Seed” or Good Seed CDC”) grew out of the Good Seed Church, formerly based in northern and southern California. The church’s tradition included a strong commitment to service which manifested as a food bank, a youth shelter and service to the homeless. The church’s legacy and belief in serving others provided the strong foundation for Good Seed CDC to sprout.

Good Seed is officially incorporated as a 501c3 organization. The new board begins strategic planning and fundraising to create the overarching vision for the board. The shelter expands to eight beds and launches the Healing with Music Program in a converted garage. Good Seed now houses transition age youth with children for six months at a second location.

Good Seed CDC’s founders decided to strengthen the church’s service arm by developing a plan for serving the large homeless youth population in Los Angeles. Witnessing a need and a lack of adequate services in South Los Angeles, Good Seed saw an opportunity to support that need. With a combined vision that encompassed direct service, advocacy and community development, the plan blossomed into Good Seed’s first endeavor – a temporary emergency shelter for homeless Transition-Age Youth.

Seeking to provide a way for the youth to secure well paying, meaningful jobs, Good Seed obtains its contractor’s license, making it one of the few nonprofit licensed contractors in the state. The Construction Apprenticeship Program (CAP) launches with a few young men who are interested in learning a viable trade.

With support from Los Angeles County, Good Seed launched its first six bed shelter in South Los Angeles. This shelter would provide the launching pad for future endeavors such as the Youth Garden, Drop-In Center and the Construction Apprenticeship Project.

Kaiser Permanente staff kicks off the year volunteering a full day of gardening and upkeep. Good Seed begins working in earnest with businesses and private entities to launch construction projects that meet our dual goals of training youth and improving the community.