Good Seed Construction HIRE US!

Q: Is Good Seed Construction (GSC) a nonprofit?

A: Yes, GSC is a subsidiary of Good Seed Community Development Corporation, a 501c3 public benefit corporation.

Q: How does GSC work?

A: We are a licensed contractor and community developer. Our CEO, Jonathan Thompson, has more than 10 years’ experience in the construction industry including licenses in blue print design, real estate and commercial/construction financing. With his vast network of subcontractors and southern California suppliers, the GSC team is well equipped to provide high quality, economical service for your building needs. On every job, GSC licensed contractors work with our youth apprentices to get the job done. You receive all the same quality services that you expect from any contractor, however now you know that your funds are helping to support an enterprising young person achieve their dreams of becoming an economically independent and successful member of society.

Q: Are my payments tax deductible?

A: As a 501c3, all donations to Good Seed are tax deductible, however payment for services are not tax deductible under federal law. We appreciate all donations, which help us defray the cost of housing, training and support for our youth. Please click HERE to donate to our cause.

Q: How do I hire GSC?

A: Please call our business line at 323-758-5433 A representative will follow up with you within 2 business days to learn more about your building needs.

Thank you for supporting Good Seed!