Family Crisis Housing

Q: Who is eligible to receive services?

A: Transition Aged Youth (“TAY”) with families including children.

Q: Can my partner stay with me?

A: Yes, if there is space available.

Q: How long can we stay?

A: Initially up to 60 days, with an additional 30 days for those who are successfully participating in the program.

Q: How many children are allowed?

A: It depends on how much space is available, but we have had families with up to six children in the past.

Q: Where is the shelter located?

A: Our shelter is located in Mid-City Los Angeles. We are easily accessible by public transportation and we are close to many local service providers. Due to privacy concerns, we do not share the exact location with the public.

Q: What about transportation for my kids and myself?

A: We provide taxi vouchers and bus tokens for program associated activities such as gaining access to benefits or services.

Q: Will you provide meals for my whole family?

A: Yes, we serve three meals a day.